Revenue Management

In a world where guest trends and booking patterns change so rapidly, Kokua Hospitality’s expertise provides exactly the right strategies and systems essential to manage and maximize your revenue. 

Revenue Management – The Kokua Way

From the very start, the Kokua Hospitality team can identify your most valuable guests based on their overall spending habits that includes not just the room data, but also the restaurant, bar, and gift shop expenses. Now you have a crystal-clear picture of your guest’s preferred activities and their overall value to your property. Then, as your targeted marketing campaigns bring these guests to your property, you can serve up the right room rates and plan just the right manpower you need to accommodate your occupancy—saving you money because you’re not overstaffed, and saving you stress because you’re not understaffed.

It’s organized, streamlined strategies like these that bring you profits. This is how Kokua’s revenue management works for you.

Our custom revenue management system platform means you can:

  • Provide a measurable lift in a hotels Revenue Penetration Index score
  • Be tailored to the specific needs of a third-party hotel management company
  • Maximize revenue and profits
  • Optimize every revenue source within the hotel

Working closely with our sales teams, our revenue management professionals create and carry out a process-oriented procedure for every property we manage. And with our corporate team's knowledge of your competition, we can focus on maximizing revenue by carefully monitoring room demand and taking advantage of available inventory in the form of increased rates.